Wow. First post! I created this blog hoping it would help me feel more ready to leave. But I still have a mess of packing ahead of me. Fitting my life (not to mention my ultra-modest wardrobe) into a 50 pound suitcase is tricky. Wah, wah, wah. Watch me complain as I get ready to embark on the most awesome adventure ever. I am convinced things will work out in the end. Like Kylie told me,”If things aren’t working out, its not the end.”

Truer words were never said.

This plane flight will be so long, that heck, I might be a hobo for 14 hours and get a free blanket and meal! I leave JFK at 8:55pm and arrive in Tel Aviv at 2:45pm the next day. From Seattle to Jerusalem there is a ten-hour time difference. At 6am in Seattle it is 4pm in Jerusalem. So calling/Skyping might be a little…interesting.

Alright! I am off to do last minute packing! Happy traveling and have happy New Year!


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